The New Moody Atlas of the Bible

Book Cover: The New Moody Atlas of the Bible

Tựa đề: The New Moody Atlas of the Bible

Tác giả: Barry J. Beitzel

Năm: 2009

Nhà xuất bản: Moody Publishers

Ngôn ngữ: English


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The New Moody Atlas of the Bible integrates the geography of Bible lands with the teachings of the Bible. Dr. Beitzel has blended the topographical and historical in 118 full color, detailed, and digitized maps of places like Palestine, the Mediterranean, the Near East, the Sinai, and Turkey. Learn of God's protection and guidance by following Israel's forty-year sojourn in the wilderness, and appreciate the results of the Great Commission to 'teach all nations' by seeing the scope of Paul's three missionary journeys.


All of the graphics are brand new, and every page was substantially rewritten, updated, and expanded to bring you more than one hundred thousand words that provide useful commentary throughout. Superior photography, comprehensive geographic detail, award-winning maps, distinctive theological discussion of geographical matters, and thorough documentation in the form of new indexes and 800+ endnotes set this atlas apart. The New Moody Atlas of Bible Lands is an invaluable asset to Sunday school and home school teachers, as well as seminary and Bible college students.




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