Second Corinthians (Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture)

Book Cover: Second Corinthians (Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture)

Tựa đề: Second Corinthians

Tác giả: Thomas D. Stegman

Năm: 2009

Nhà xuất bản: Baker Publishing Group

Ngôn ngữ: English

ISBN: 9781441208026



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There is an increasing hunger among Catholics to study the Bible in depth and in a way that integrates Scripture with Catholic doctrine, worship, and daily life. Second Corinthians is the fourth of seventeen volumes in the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture (CCSS), a new series that will cover the entire New Testament and interprets Scripture from within the living tradition of the Church. This volume, like each in the series, is supplemented by features designed to help readers understand the Bible more deeply and use it more effectively.


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