A Catholic Introduction to the Bible: The Old Testament

Book Cover: A Catholic Introduction to the Bible: The Old Testament

Tựa đề: A Catholic Introduction to the Bible: The Old Testament

Tác giả: Brant Pitre & John Bergsma

Năm: 2018

Nhà xuất bản: Ignatius Press

Ngôn ngữ: English

ISBN 978-1-58617-722-5 (HB)
ISBN 978-1-64229-048-6 (EB)


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Although many Catholics are familiar with the four Gospels and other writings of the New Testament, for most, reading the Old Testament is like walking into a foreign land. Who wrote these forty-six books? When were they written? Why were they written? What are we to make of their laws, stories, histories, and prophecies? Should the Old Testament be read by itself or in light of the New Testament?


John Bergsma and Brant Pitre offer readable in-depth answers to these questions as they introduce each book of the Old Testament. They not only examine the literature from a historical and cultural perspective but also interpret it theologically, drawing on the New Testament and the faith of the Catholic Church. Unique among introductions, this volume places the Old Testament in its liturgical context, showing how its passages are employed in the current Lectionary used at Mass.

Accessible to nonexperts, this thorough and up-to-date introduction to the Old Testament can serve as an idea textbook for biblical studies. Its unique approach, along with its maps, illustrations, and other reference materials, makes it a valuable resource for seminarians, priests, Scripture scholars, theologians, and catechists, as well as anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the Bible.



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